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Principles of Buddhism

About BuddhismBuddhism is a religion that was born in India by one known as the enlightened one, the Buddha. Attaining the path to this enlightenment was not easy and this prince, an heir to a royal throne was so moved by the poverty and despair that he saw in his own kingdom that he resolved to find a way to find inner peace and happiness. Legends state that in spite of countless discourses with the learned men of his time Gautama Buddha was not satisfied and decided to meditate on his own. After three days and three nights in deep meditation he attained nirvana or enlightenment and then set out to spread this awareness and to create a new religion.

The principles of Buddhism are simple and it extols its followers to lead lives that are true and without attachment to material desires. The teachings of Buddha through his discourses and stories have always been about righteousness and peace. These teachings have been explained in 5 simple precepts and these are like a moral guideline for the Buddha’s followers to learn from. The principles of Buddhism have at their heart a desire for mankind to live peacefully together and to build up moral strength for this. Buddhism understands six basic human emotions and these are

  • Ignorance
  • Attachment
  • Pride
  • Anger
  • Distorted Views
  • Delusions

Understanding the principles of Buddhism helps to better oneself as a human being. The path to enlightenment is uphill but dedication and an understanding of what holds us back will help to unburden the excess of this life. The principles of Buddhism also recommend 8 steps to help believers achieve their goals and these are

  • The right view or understanding
  • The right intention
  • Saying the right things
  • Choosing the right action
  • Making the required effort
  • Working towards the right existence
  • Achieving the right mindfulness
  • Concentration

Buddhism helps us to lead our daily lives a little better and to maintain peace and health in our daily lives. Every Buddhist requires just the right mindset and is the foundation to achieve the path promised by the principles of Buddhism.