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Kushinagar temple in Uttar Pradesh

About BuddhismOne can plan a holiday in so many ways, there are options like adventure holidays, romantic getaways, and historic sites and even holidays that revolve around pilgrimages. Plan a trip to visit the sites that the Buddha travelled to and find your own level of peace and harmony from this hectic life that we lead. There are many Buddhist monasteries and shrines all across India and a tour will help one to understand the route that the Buddha took when he travelled to spread his enlightened thoughts. Among the many places in India, Sarnath, Bodhgaya, Nalanda and Kushinagar temple in Uttar Pradesh are very popular on the tourist circuit especially for those interested in Buddhism. Kushinagar temple in Uttar Pradesh is close to the large city of Gorakhpur and this is the place that history records that the Buddha fell ill and finally passed on from this mortal life.

There is a huge statue of the Buddha in a reclining pose here and the monastery has regular prayer sessions and chanting that is definitely peaceful with its rhythmic sounds. There are many ways to find out about the details on each sacred site and the best way is with the internet. There are even many travel sites that organize tours that include the important Buddhist sites in India and one can even customize these tours to visit some of the remote monasteries set in unique locations. The benefits of booking a tour are many, one can choose to travel with other like minded people or plan a trip with one’s own friends. A good travel agency will even take care of all the details for the trip like travel bookings, accommodation, guides and even most meals.

Select a professional site from the ones available and plan a good trip that will include the Kushinagar temple in Uttar Pradesh which must be included in any trip as it was the final place that the Buddha lived and preached.