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Buddhist Tour in India

India is a very spiritual country and most of the world’s religions are practiced here. There are religions that have originated in India as well and have spread to the rest of the world from here. Buddhism is one such example and this religion is now one of the most revered in the world with millions of followers. There are many sacred Buddhist sites in India that are visited by Buddhists and tourists throughout the year. Anyone interested in the teachings of Buddhism and wanting to feel the aura for themselves can take a Buddhist tour in India. A Buddhist pilgrimage in India aspires to help tourists to understand the teachings of the Buddha in order to bring calm and peace to ones lives.

Among the popular places to visit on any Buddhist tour in India are listed below and these should be on the must visit list for any follower of Buddhism.


This is the place recorded as the birthplace of the Buddha and is presently in Nepal, just near the border with India. There are many places to visit here like the Maya Devi temple, The Japan Peace Stupa, the China temple, the Ashokan Pillar etc.


This is where the Prince attained enlightenment after he renounced his earthy trappings and here the Mahabodhi Tree and temple along with monasteries like the Tibetan monastery, The Thai monastery, the Japanese monastery etc are famous. Bodhgaya today is located in the state of Bihar.


This is where Buddha gave his first sermon after he attained Nirvana or the stage of supreme enlightenment. This original deer park now in the sacred city of Benares is among the most visited places for followers of Buddhism.


Situated close to the modern city of Lucknow, Shravasti is known as Buddha’s favorite retreat in the rains and is also known as the first place where he performed a miracle.


This is where Buddha gave up his mortal existence after an illness. History records that his remains were then distributed by the Emperor Ashoka, one of the major influences in spreading the word of the Buddha to the Far East. Kushinagar is today located near Gorakhpur.

Complete your Buddhist pilgrimage in India by including these places among many others that this is great sage visited in the course of his lifetime.