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Buddhist Destinations in India

As India is the birthplace of Buddhism, anyone interested in this religion must first visit the sacred sites that played a significant role in the life of the Buddha. From the royal kingdom that he renounced to the place that he breathed his last, there are many special Buddhist destinations in India. Start with his birth in the kingdom of Kapilavastu near the present day border of Nepal and India to Lumbini, where he was actually born. There are temples and murals here that depict the young prince before he renounced the world. There is also the Ashoka pillar in Lumbini, established by the Emperor Ashoka some centuries later and this has gained immortality by becoming India’s emblem as well.

Bodhgaya is where Buddha attained Nirvana or enlightenment. He meditated here under the Bodhi tree and after three days and nights was rewarded with an answer to most of life’s questions. There are monasteries like the Chinese Monastery, the Japanese Monastery, the Tibetan monastery, the Bhutanese Monastery etc that give visitors a glimpse of how these nations have involved Buddhism into their lives and have influenced their art as well.

Sarnath is where he gave his first sermon and this is among the most popular place among Buddhist tour destinations in India. Shravasti near present day Lucknow is where Buddha came often, especially in the rains to teach and it is said that his first miracle was performed here. Kushinagar is the place where he fell ill and spent the last few days of his life. These Buddhist destinations in India are definitely on the popular tourist circuit and there are monasteries and stupas as well that must not be missed. Some of these monasteries particularly those in Himachal and in Ladakh are very scenic, set as they are in seemingly inhospitable locations but a visit here will awe you and help you to understand that these places were preferred by the monks as they were conducive to meditation and helped to keep away the unnecessary temptations of life.

Find out the best options for the best Buddhist tour destinations in India by browsing online. A tour with a reputed travel agency will ensure that you don’t miss the must see Buddhist destinations in India.