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Buddhist Temples

Buddhist Temples are also known as monasteries, a place where monks study, pray and create beautiful copies of manuscripts as well as prayer flags and other objects showcasing Buddhist art. There are Buddhist monasteries all across India and these range from the most important Buddhist monastery in the world to some of the most inaccessible and remote in stunning locations. Anyone interested in Buddhism and looking to visit the sacred Buddhist sites in India would benefit from a tour that would visit Buddhist temples as well. A visit to any of the Buddhist monastery is sure to instill a feeling of peace. Most of these temples are covered in art and paintings depicting stories of the Buddha. Monasteries are also known as Viharas and many of these are very old and are usually situated away from urban life, on mountains and near rivers.

A guest can attend the prayer sessions inside Buddhist temples as well and feel a part of the rituals that celebrate life with the teachings of the Buddha. These monasteries are also places where young boys are sent to learn the scriptures and many of them stay back to continue as monks. Monasteries are also knowledge centers and have libraries that have a great collection of scriptures and books on Buddhism. Visiting a Buddhist temple on the day of a festival will transport you to a peaceful place where the chanting and regular roll of the drums and the gong is an amazing feeling. Many of these monasteries especially the ones in Leh and Ladakh have festivals and fairs at these times and are visited by thousands of people who come to see the mask dance and to be a part of the unique culture that is connected to a monastery.

Find out about the best tours available for visits to Buddhist monasteries and a professional agency will also be able to customize a tour for you. There are many options available online and one can easily compare the services on offer between different sites and choose a tour that best suits ones requirement.

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