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Buddhist Sites in India

Religion and spirituality have always been an integral part of India value system. India is a secular nation home to many religions and their followers such as Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. With so many religions, India has always been regarded as a democratic country and people from all walks of life can find solace in the innumerable temples in India. One such religion or a way of life is Buddhism which has been regarded as a unique and distinct religion in India.

Buddhism was long ago established and founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama also popularly known as Lord Buddha many centuries ago. There are various monasteries and Buddhist sites in India dedicated to the life and teachings of Lord Buddha- The enlightened One which is visited by thousands of tourists and worshippers from across the world. Like other religions, there are major Buddhist Sites in India that are regarded as foremost in Buddhist Pilgrimage like Kapilavastu- the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Bodh Gaya- where he achieved enlightenment, Benaras- the place of his first preaching and Kusinagara- where he attained the ultimate Nirvana. Besides there are other Buddhist sites in India that are highly regarded in Buddhism such as Lumbini in Nepal, Patna or Pataliputra, Rajgir or Rajagaha, Nalanda, Sravasti or Savatthi, Vaishali, Sanchi, Dharamshala, Rumtek, Nagarjunakonda, Amaravati, Tabo Monastery, Leh Ladakh, Tawang, etc. Besides there are other Buddhist sites and teaching centres spread across India.

Come and explore the wonderful world of Buddhism!