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Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhism has deep roots in India and this ancient religion is spread across many religious sites in India and across most of the Far East and Sri Lanka as well. The stories of the Buddha and of his teachings are all recorded in the many Buddhist Scriptures that have survived time that can be measured in centuries and these have been copied and intricately decorated with paintings. These paintings also have the 8 sacred symbols of Buddhism and there are many monasteries across India and the world that are dedicated to the work of maintaining and preserving these ancient texts. The best way to visit monasteries and libraries that keep these Buddhist scriptures is by looking for credible information online. Someone interested in research can also contact any of the many tour agencies that organize tours like ‘The Footsteps of the Buddha’ that takes guests to the places visited by Buddha. These places are also mentioned in all the important Buddhist scriptures.

Other tours like a study tour of Buddhism will also take guests to the important monasteries and sites of Buddhism and a trip to the caves of Ajanta and Ellora is also important so that one can see how the monks lived in austere surroundings and dedicated their lives to study and the preservation of Buddhist scriptures. The art and craft of Buddhism also takes its inspiration from Buddhist scriptures and the many of the tangkhas and tapestries have stories from the Jataka tales and from the stories about various Buddhist monks as well. Based on these scriptures the major Buddhist festivals in India are also celebrated and these include Buddha Jayanti, the Hemis Fair and Festival, Ullambana festival, Sangha Day etc.

Find out more about the whereabouts of Buddhist scriptures by browsing online for specialized tours that take guests to the sacred Buddhist sites and help one to understand the tenants of Buddhism.