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Buddhist Monasteries in Sikkim

Why not plan this vacation to get away from the usual touristy attractions and actually have a holiday that leaves you peaceful and recharged. Among the best places for a complete change of scenery is Sikkim and this Himalayan state is among India’s most beautiful. Sikkim has a rich heritage, a great mix of culture and traditions and beautiful monasteries. The Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim are known for their scenic locations, for their expertise in art and craft and for the serenity that is always a part of any monastery. While planning a trip here the must see Buddhist Monasteries in Sikkim are

Rumtek Monastery

This is among the most famous of all the Buddhist Monasteries in Sikkim. The Architecture of this monastery is a reflection of the Tibetan style of monasteries. There is a famous festival that attracts visitors from all over the world which is held on the 28th and 29th day of the tenth month according to the lunar calendar. Rumtek is also famous for its collection of scriptures, paintings, artifacts and religious objects. Rumtek is also very popular among all of the Buddhist Monasteries in Sikkim in the tourist circle.

Pemayangtse Monastery

This monastery is 140 kms from the capital Gangtok and follows the Nyigma order of Buddhism. Originally built in the 17th century this has been subsequently improved upon and is a beautiful place to visit. There are many sacred objects housed here and the monastery is also home to 108 monks.

Enchey Monastery

The name means Solitary Temple and at one time it would have been solitary and tranquil. It is said to have been blessed by a Lama specializing in the tantric arts and is run by monks following the Nyingma order. There is a masked dance that is held here every year in January called Chaam and tourists come from all over to witness and to be charmed by this Chaam dance.

Plan a trip to cover the Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim by contacting a good tour operator specializing in organized tours to this region.