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Buddha temple in Lumbini

Nepal is known as the only Hindu country in the world but this is not its only claim to fame. Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born here in Lumbini. This is now a world heritage site and there is a Buddhist temple and a park that is as tranquil and peaceful as any monastery. Nepal is also a travel destination for those looking to scale the Everest and a major destination for Buddhists from all over the world. Anyone wishing to follow the trail of the Buddha can take a tour that includes Lumbini where he was born, Bodh Gaya where he first received enlightenment, Sarnath was where he delivered his first sermon and Kushinagar where he completed his cycle of life and passed away after an illness.

Starting with the Buddha temple in Lumbini one can complete a cycle of the life of this great soul and with the many monasteries and temples in each location the feeling of peace and serenity is impossible to miss. The best way to plan a trip to these popular Buddhist places is by booking a good tour and every good tour will include or will start from the Buddha temple in Lumbini. There are many tour operators with online sites that have all the details about their services and offers. One can join up with a group of people on the same tour or a tour can be customized as well. There are many options to choose from and a professional travel agency will be able to include transport, travel, guides and even most meals for the entire tour.

The internet makes it easy to plan a trip that includes the Buddhist temple in Lumbini as well by giving browsers the option of online booking. With the help of the internet one can even easily compare rates and services before choosing the best option available. Another big benefit of online shopping for a tour is that there are great offers and deal available that are not usually available anywhere else. Choose the best tour for your trip to see the Buddhist temple in Lumbini among others and have a great spiritual experience.