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Bodhgaya temple in Bihar

There are four main pilgrimage spots in India for Buddhists and among these Bodhgaya is a very important one due to the significance that is attached to it. Buddha is said to have reached a stage of enlightenment here after meditating for three days and nights. The spot would have been a very tranquil one in his time 2500 years ago located as it is on the banks of the Falgu River in Bihar. Today,there are temples and monasteries here for the faithful and along with Lumbini, Sarnath and Kushinagar this is a pilgrimage spot for Buddhists and is also visited by those interested in following the trail of the Buddha. The Mahabodhi temple here in Bodhgaya is said to have been built by the Emperor Askoha and after centuries of decline was restored n 1833. This temple is now looked after by UNESCO and is a World Heritage Site.

All important Buddhist festivals are celebrated here especially Buddha Poornima and a full moon day in the month of Baisakh according the Hindu calendar is when Gautam Buddha achieved his enlightenment. This usually falls in between April – May and there are thousands of devotees and tourists who come to be in Bodh Gaya at this time. Travelling to and from Bodhgaya is not difficult and there are regular bus and train services from major cities. In order to complete a circuit of the important places on the Buddha route one can easily browse online for information or even book a tour with any of the reputed online travel sites. This is the most convenient option as well and a good tour operator will take care of all the details allowing the traveler to enjoy the journey and the destination.

Find good deals and offers online as well and often there are offers online that are not available anywhere else. Let a reputed tour operator plan a comfortable holiday for you to the Bodhgaya temple in Bihar and let the serenity of the place greet you there.