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About Champanagar

Champanagar in the district of Bhagalpur got its name from the thick groves of Champa trees that once perfumed the air here. This was the scene when the Buddha visited it in his time and there was also a large lake called Gaggara’s lake of Lotuses and this was reputed to be filled with hundreds of lotuses. Buddha is known to have preferred to stay here, charmed by the champa flowers and the lotuses. Many important discourses that were given titles like the Kandaraka Sutta, the Sonadanda Sutta etc were discussed here. The lake and the champa groves don’t exist anymore but there is a lake called the Sarovana Talab where some idols of the Buddha were found when the lake was being de-silted in the 1900’s. Near Champanagar there are the famous ruins of Vikramasila, also worth a visit.

Champanagar is 220kms from Bhagalpur so start the trip early in order to return here by night, accommodation options are better in Bhagalpur and it is even possible to make this a day trip from Patna or as a stopover on the way to the other sacred Buddhist sites. Include Champanagar in your itinerary with the help of a reputed travel agency. There are many options to choose from especially if one browses online. Find the best option for Buddha tours with online travel sites and these will ensure that everything is taken care of leaving you to enjoy the journey and the destination. The internet makes planning these trips so much easier when everything can be arranged online. There is no need to even visit the agencies office while planning a trip as the booking can be easily done online.

Select a well known agency for a hassle free trip to Champanagar and who knows, you could still come across a Champa tree.